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Lou Everard

Lou Everard Managing Partner

You can e-mail Lou at: LPE@daneverard.co.uk

Lou comes from Birmingham, and was educated there and at Oxford and LSE. She has been married to Dan since 1974 and became a partner in the business in 1984. They have had three children, Ruth, Sam and Alice. Ruth and Sam were both affected from infancy by an inherited disorder, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which led to Sam's sudden death due to pneumonia aged 18 months. Alice is unaffected by the condition and is now studying for a medical degree. Ruth trained as a solicitor in Oxford, qualified in The City of London and worked in hedge-funds for a while before chosing to join the family firm; she is now General Manager of Dragonmobility Ltd.

Lou's early career was in psychiatric social work, and she readily applied her understanding of care services and her people skills to the needs of families with disabled children, developing and managing the sales and marketing team of Everaids Ltd in the successful early years of the Turbo. Her role in the partnership is to oversee finances and marketing. With the success of the Dragn Project she has now taken on the rôle of Marketing Director of Dragonmobility Ltd.

She has also worked in charity and university administration, and in a voluntary capacity has helped found a number of charitable groups, including the Friends of the Cambridge Child Development Centre, Network 81 and the Shelford and Stapleford Youth Initiative. She is a committed member of Great Shelford Free Church in which she serves as a member of the wider church leadership team and through which she is closely involved in local community affairs. She is a trained Christian counsellor, seeking to develop these skills further, is a member of the Association of Christian Counsellors and a member of the care and prayer ministry teams of the church.

She loves theatre and many types of music, as well as writing poetry and fiction (when she can find the space and time from family committments). Her daily relaxation is to walk the dog across the fields and by the river.

articles written by Lou:

  • The Wheelchair Toddler, written in 1983 [local copy]
  • From Wheelchair Toddler to Turbo-powered Schoolgirl! written in 1984 [local copy]
  • Early Mobility means Easier Integration!, written in 1997 [local copy]


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