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Dan Everard

Dan Everard Senior Partner and Principal Design Engineer

You can e-mail Dan at: DSE@daneverard.co.uk

Dan started his professional career in 1968 as an analogue electronics design engineer with Cambridge Consultants Ltd, and then moved into the audio field at Neve Laboratories. He loves Spitfires and all kinds of fine engineering, his Wheaten Terrier, Fionn, and his VW Scirocco Mark I.

He has been running his own businesses since 1973, and used to design and supply audio equipment for theatre installations throughout the world. He still has a passion for theatre, which he satisfies by working on local productions in the Cambridge area. This also keeps him in touch with young people, and he enjoys passing on his various skills to the younger generation by mentoring and tutoring in electronics and sound engineering.

Finn He is married to Lou and has two daughters, Ruth and Alice. Their son, Sam, born in 1980, was affected by the same disability as Ruth, and died in 1982. Dan has specialised in wheelchair design since 1981, when Ruth was found to be in need of powered mobility due to Spinal Muscular Atrophy. With help from Roger Fentiman and others then at CCL he designed the "Yellow Peril" for Ruth to use from before she was two years old. This was the forerunner of both the Turbo and the Dragon.

Dan received a special Tobie Award from the electronics industry in 1984 for this original design. The Turbo, launched in 1984, was probably the most influential piece of children's wheelchair design of the late 20th century, challenging existing manufacturers to rethink their design criteria for the children's market, and proving that disabled children as young as a year old could control and benefit from well-designed powerchairs.


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