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Roger Fentiman

Dan Everard Design & Development Engineer

You can e-mail Rog at: RMF@daneverard.co.uk

Like Lou, Roger was brought up in Birmingham. In 1970, fresh from college, Roger began working at Cambridge Consultants Ltd (CCL), where he first met Dan. He found a niche for himself in the gap between electronics and mechanical engineers, becoming expert in the mechanical aspects of electronic design such as casing, PCB design, thermal dissipation and screening. He was leader on a wide range of development projects including one to design the Xenos Tens Unit for Neen Pain Management Systems Ltd which won a British Design Award from the Design Council in 1991 . He consulted on manufacturing issues in Europe, the USA and the Far East, and, not least, the CCL-funded project to support Dan in his initial wheelchair work around twenty years ago.

When his niche became redundant in 2002, he joined Dan in developing the next prototype of the Dragon, taking the lead in developing the new elevator system.

Roger is married to Susie, has three children, Mark, Charlotte and David, and has had a long succession of pairs of black cats of varied intelligence. He lives on a hill in the Fens, where at 20 metres above sea level he can see for 35 miles on a clear day.

Since he was still at school, he has turned his talents for electronics, mechanisms and optics to designing and building stage special effects, creating lightshows for many bands including Black Sabbath and The Who. He is presently reprising an on-stage volcanic eruption for the Stretham Players' "Puss in Boots".


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