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Clients may approach the Partnership with many types of request ...

  • an idea may need to be turned into an engineered reality,
  • a production process may not be as successful as it should be,
  • the components for a product may no longer be available,
  • there may be another need for short term engineering expertise.

Whatever the starting point the Dan Everard Partnership will attempt to provide the client with a cost effective solution using, where possible, technology which fits the client's existing business.

The Partnership can often provide answers which may utilise different engineering disciplines and will of course take into account management time and budgetary constraints.

Design projects have included:

  • A digital frequency multiplier/divider system with a bandwidth of five decades to be implemented as a PLA for use in industrial controls;
  • An infra-red proximity sensor requiring both electronic and optical design for use in vehicles;
  • A novel RF filter for broadcast quality microphone amplifiers to be retrofitted to an existing product;
  • Designing high speed, high voltage D-A converters with safety shut-down for use in industrial Ink-Jet printers;
  • A device to simplify the aiming of an infra-red cutting laser;

... and consulting projects:

  • Pharmaceutical Company - Troubleshooting and commissioning clean room equipment.
  • Steel Rolling Company - Fault diagnosis and correction in a mill drive system.
  • Studio Equipment Manufacturer - technical audit of the suitability of communications equipment for a particular tender.

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