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Dan Everard Parntership


About Us

The Partnership in a few words ...

The Dan Everard Partnership exists to serve customers who have need of the skills and expertise in design and engineering that Dan Everard has acquired over many years. It constantly seeks to widen its skills base and to pass on those skills to a younger generation.

We have particular expertise in design of electronic equipment for disabled people, especially in the field of personal powered mobility, and are committed to developing new technology to enable disabled people to be fully integrated in the wider community.

People in the Partnership

Dan Everard [Senior partner]

about Dan.

Lou Everard [Managing Partner]

about Lou.

Roger Fentiman [Design & Development Engineer]

about Rog.


Opinions expressed on employees' personal pages, linked from this page (including ones parked on this webserver), are not necessary those of the Partnership itself, but of the individual.

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